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Baker Furniture in Stuart, FL

Excellence is a delicate notion that many would say is a subjective opinion. When it comes to Baker Furniture, however, the subjective opinion becomes objective reality—excellence is in every piece. Baker Furniture pioneered excellence in furniture and it continues to dominate and lead the modern furniture fashion world today.

At Harbour Bay Furniture, we know that excellence has a certain unspeakable quality, an air that is assured, confidant, and inviting. While we stock a range of the finest furniture brands on the globe, we are an exclusive Baker Furniture dealer that marvels over the extremely high standards of excellence that are inherent in every Baker piece we receive. Baker has been changing the furniture world since the 1890s. Now, let it change yours.

Timeless taste

What began as a humble cabinet shop in 1890 has exploded into the world’s leading crafter of handcrafted furniture today. With many innovations, milestones, and designer firsts under its belt, Baker Furniture continues to remain relevant and prominent in the homes and hearts of those with exquisite tastes.

Over the years of its growth and development, Baker has introduced many firsts to the Americas with highly recognized names in design, including Barbara Barry, Bill Sofield, Thomas Pheasant, Laura Kirar, Michael S. Smith, Jean-Louis Denoit and Jacques Garcia.

In 1927, the company led the beginning of the Modern Movement in the U.S.A. with its release of furniture from designers Joseph Urban and Kem Weber. Less than a decade later, Baker introduced modern Chinese furniture in Chicago, opening the door for global design collaboration and inspiration like never before. From there, collections such as the Woburn Abbey, Historic Charleston Collection, Stately Homes Collection, McMillen Collection, and Charles Pfister Collection of Art Deco furniture were notable launches that debuted what would become signature and landmark styles that still influence furniture today.

Design for every room

No matter which room in your home you’re refurnishing, Baker Furniture has everything you’ll need. They offer furniture options for living areas, dining areas, bedrooms, and workspaces, with a myriad of striking options that will complement your sense of style. Chairs, tables, side tables, dining tables, various styles of beds, endless accessories, lighting and chandeliers, storage pieces—if you’re searching for it, you can find the highest quality example of it at Baker.

Every piece of Baker furniture and accessory options defines exquisite tastes. With offerings that are sleek, subtle, sophisticated, and unique, you’re going to find something in their collections that seems to be made just for you. Products from Baker range from colorful to neutral, relaxed to strikingly innovative, and minimalist to grandly exquisite. Every single piece will be of exemplary craftsmanship, made from materials of the highest quality, and embody timeless designs with modern adaptations that will reinvent the space of your home. You can’t go wrong with Baker from the Harbour Bay Furniture Co.

Experience excellence. Visit our shop or call today. 
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