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McGuire Furniture in Stuart, FL

Coming to you from Baker is the Californian-inspired line of contemporary furniture from McGuire Furniture. Made for homes where life happens, McGuire offers you exemplary pieces that are handcrafted and expertly designed to bring the influence of Californian landscape and lifestyle into the favorite rooms of your home.

Available from Harbour Bay Furniture, McGuire Furniture is as prestigious as its parent company, Baker Furniture, with a more relaxed and fluid feel. When shopping for furniture of your dreams,  Harbour Bay Furniture Co. can assist you in designing the perfect room for your home, and then together, we can select pieces that will turn it into a masterpiece of art, innovation, and style. In keeping with the quality expected from the brands we sell, we give you professional five-star service while you’re shopping with us. We work to make every client’s experience unique and memorable.

Impeccable quality

McGuire Furniture brings you the same unparalleled quality of contemporary furniture and high standards of excellence as Baker furniture. All of their pieces are handcrafted and signed by their dedicated craftsperson. Each piece is lovingly but expertly designed to invoke the atmosphere of casual luxury that high-end Californian living embodies.

Both purposefully and delicately designed, each piece takes weeks to craft by hand, with rapt attention to every detail and an uncompromising expectation of superior quality. McGuire uses superb materials, fabrics, textures, trims, and colors to give life to your furniture selections and make them engaging but lasting. They craft incredible heirloom pieces that will be passed down through your family for generations while it ages gracefully. When you purchase furniture from McGuire, you’re investing in a piece of yourself that can be passed down to your family.

Iconic selections

McGuire Furniture offers contemporary furniture for many rooms in your home, including living room, dining room, bedroom, workspace, and even outdoor areas. Their pieces blend straight lines and sharp corners with soft curves and gentle slopes to create an atmosphere that is both modern and comfortable, with an air of welcoming, warmth, and charm.

Inspired by the canyons, beaches, and endless skies of California, the overall style of the McGuire collection invokes a relaxed sophistication that is freeing rather than constricting. Soothing neutral tones combined with cool, dark colors and warm tans provide contrast that make the collection impactful, leaving an impression in the minds of anyone who sees it.

Every piece has a striking silhouette with innovative design that brings comfort together with style. Whites, creams, sea foam greens, and ivories grace the upholstery of most of their seating options, with wood trim, backing, and feet that range from beach tan to dark mahogany or black to invoke thoughts of a sea home.

The tables in the collection range from highly geometric and industrial pieces, with tantalizing designs and materials such as concrete and metals, to warmer, more comforting and simple pieces that are rounder and made of natural woods. Lighting options range from lamps to chandeliers and they all are unique pieces bonded by the feeling of the ocean, with designs and materials reminiscent of beach stones, seashells, and driftwood.

The collection’s overall effect is very pleasant, with a sense of the openness of the ocean that is present in every piece. McGuire Furniture has alluring selections that will welcome guests to your home and cradle them in the heart of the sea. Let Harbour Bay Furniture Co. help you craft your perfect home today.

Experience endless style. Come in to browse the McGuire collection. 
(772) 286-5639