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Milling Road Furniture in Stuart, FL

When you think of fine, high-quality furniture, chances are you think of Baker Furniture. With its years of quality, handcrafted options and timeless but innovative designs, they’ve made an outstanding name for themselves in the furniture market.

From that high standard of quality comes their branch of collections called Milling Road. Harbour Bay Furniture brings these timeless and daring pieces to you. For exceptional quality and unparalleled service, come visit Harbour Bay Furniture to get the ideal pieces that you need to give your home new, invigorating life.

The collections

There are currently three high-quality furniture collections that Milling Road offers to bring excellence into your home—Darryl Carter, Kara Mann, and the Milling Road Originals. Each collection has its own special flavor and design elements. In addition, each ensures a level of quality and craftsmanship that other brands struggle to touch.

When you want quality furniture that’s been meticulously designed and expertly handcrafted, shop the Milling Road collection at Harbour Bay Furniture Co. We can help you design the room of your dreams and choose the pieces to make it a reality. Call or come by today.

Darryl Carter

In the Milling Road Darryl Carter collection, you’ll find both simple, understated pieces and modern, daring pieces that showcase their classical influences while confidently displaying modern touches. Geometric designs, even proportions, and welcoming and neutral colors can all be found in these pieces. This collection offers beds, chairs, lamps, tables, and accessories that will add intrigue and style to any room of your home.

Kara Mann

The Kara Mann collection walks the line between serene and energetic, modern and classic, and sophistication and boldness. It has no fear and takes no prisoners, but also welcomes you to sink into its depths. With playful colors, intriguing silhouettes, and luxurious materials, this collection is a timeless offering of superior design and thoughtful craftsmanship.


The Milling Road Originals collection has a host of great qualities that embody comfort and relaxation while remaining sophisticated, timeless, and luxurious. With lots of dark, natural woods, gentle curves, and enduring designs, this collection makes a statement and lauds the influence of traditional design while welcoming it into the future. Their seating options include a host of leather furniture, quality fabrics, and classic colors that will perfectly complement any room.

Celebrate the unexpected

Milling Road brings the legacy, quality, and excellence of Baker Furniture to a new era of innovative furniture. Their goal is to consistently and boldly reinvent designs to create new furniture history, moving the design industry forward to explore the intricacies of invention. Their collections aim to engage your mind, ensnare the senses, and hail the beauty of the unexpected and exceptional.

Their collections bring together traditional and classic design elements with contemporary, unexpected twists. Influenced by and paying tribute to historic elements of furniture designs, the collections reinvent staple designs with updated and fascinating silhouettes, patterns, materials, and textures to reinvigorate your space and bring high-end charm into your home.

These collections are exquisite homages to the past and all that it’s given the furniture industry today while amending its designs with bold and unexpected decisions. Carefully crafted to push the design industry forward, their collections work with renowned designers to breathe new life and confidence into your home, one of openness and charm.

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